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God And Miracles

Miracles do happen and many may not believe they do.  A few that you might not call miracles but are as follows.  The birth of a child is one we overlook because so many happen.  The vigin birth was the most remarkable birth but they have been happening since the beginning of time and each of them is a total miracle.  Others we overlook are the miracle of creation, and each of the senses He gave us.

Many don't consider it a miracle unless they can't explain it or it doesn't happen on a regular basis.  Things that are miracles lile the birth of a child happen so often some don't consider them a miracle.  But they are... 

The miracles that nobody can explain usually God's intervention.  I have seen people healed of cancer, and there have been so many other ones that can be thoght about.  So many think when man is involved in a cure happening it isn't a miracle but God gave man the wisdom to be a part of the miracle.  God uses people when He performs miracles.

In the Bible we see many healed and their part was believing that God could heal them or trusting God to forgive them of their sins.  What a blessing miracles are.

Trust Christ as your Savior today and see the miracle of Salvation.  If you only trust Him He will forgive you of your sins and give you eternal life.

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