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God Is So God

God has been very good to me over the years. I have been able to serve Him for 34 years in the ministry. That doesn’t include my time as Junior Church Pastor or Youth Director. I haven’t added that time but it is also served in the ministry even though it was not in a full time position.

Recently Satan has made an all-out attack on me and my family. Right now I am not a liberty to go into it but our world has been turned upside down and we are going through so very difficult times. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Note that what I am talking about is in addition to my health issues.

Yes I know God is in control and I am praying for His assistance as I know it is the only way to remedy the problem. It is very sad that people have no character but must attack on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I guess they feel that by attacking on this special day that celebrates our Saviors birth they will somehow be victorious. God is still on the throne and this can blow up in their face. Please pray with me that God will help us resolve it and be victorious.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and your support. Your encouragement is a real help during this time.

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