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Does It Really Matter?

When you are fighting for something you believe in I wonder if it really matter.  Is the  issue you are fighting for a life or death issue?  Does it really matter if you get your way?  Why is it so important?  Do we have to spew hate in order to get our way?  We have enough hate without spreading more.

Lately as I looked on the internet all I see is hate spewing all over.  I don't hate anyone because they disagree with me.  Everyone has their own opinion and you all have a right to your own opinion.  Let us just not hate each other because we disagree. We can agree to disagree without the hate.

I love all my friends and family and I disagree with some of you but I still love you and nothing will change that.  You can disagree with me but don't hate me because I don't agree with you.  It Does Really Matter that we can learn to function in our society and not hate because we disagee.

Thanks for your thought and prayers.

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