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Under The Weather

Recently I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and I have been a bit under the weather. I am not going to go into all the details except to ask for your prayers and ask you to bear with me during this difficult time.

I have a wonderful wife and I wish I could be a better husband. Not to say I haven’t tried but I have failed many times and now looking back makes we wonder why I didn’t make better use of the years I had with her.

I have a son and daughter by a previous marriage both are wonderful but I failed them over the years. My son forgave me and we have been in touch off and on these last twenty plus years or so. My daughter wasn’t as forgiving but I still love her. My son gave me two wonderful grandsons which are a blessing.

I have three wonderful step-children I have been able to be a part of their lives these past twenty plus years. Plus one whom I was able to share several years with before his death. They have given me six grandchildren who each are special in their own right.

I have many friends and other folks who have been special over the years and I am blessed with them and they have been very encouraging over these past few days of stress and difficulty.

My Dad has been a big help to me during these difficult years and I do appreciate his efforts to help me.

I could go on and list other family and friends who have helped me over the years but I won’t bore you. Most of them know who they are.

I am going to get this posted and then I am going to get some lunch. Thanks to all who have been a blessing to me.

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