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The Never-ending Circle

The circle is never-ending as it has no beginning or end.  The busy schedule that I seem to have seems like a never-ending circus.  Some days I would just like to stop and get off the circus train.  I am not talking about death I am just talking about a break from the zoo like life.

The real problem is that we make our own beds and we must lay in them.  We make decisions and then we have to live with them.  Sometimes the choices we make are not good ones but after they are made we have to live with the decisions we made.

When I was in the ministry and Pastoring full-time I made many choices and for the most part they were good.  If I could go back and have a do over I might change a few things but for the most part I am pleased with the choices I made.  I know I failed some folks or I didn’t meet their expectations but some folks were looking for a miracle worker and I am not that by a long shot.  I just tried to follow the leading of the Lord and I am not perfect so that upset some.  (They weren’t perfect either so I don’t know why they expected me to be.)

If you are on a never-ending track in life my best advice is to keep your eyes on the Lord and not allow people to sway you to go in a direction that God is not leading.

I hope you have a good day and please remember to hold you head high and always do right.

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