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A Special Event I Will Never Forget

I got a letter last month asking about doing something for a family that doesn’t have much and their Christmas is going to be very sparse.

When I was at Baraboo we decided to make a food basket and a Christmas Basket for a family in need.  I looked up some information and found the name of a family that I chose to be our family.

I was able to get some details about the family and we passed out information to all the church members and asked for donations of food, gifts and money so we could make this families Christmas unforgettable.

I was totally surprised by the out pouring of our church folks to make this a very special day for them.  The gifts poured in and we had food that was way beyond what I ever imagined.

Finally the week before Christmas I made arrangements to go to their house and drop off the gifts, food, and money.  I told the folks I wanted volunteers who would go with me to drop off this gift of love from our church.   I had a large number say they would help and so I decided we would take the bus because of the amount of food and gifts and the number of helpers.

We loaded up the bus and everyone got on the bus and we drove to their home.  When we got there I went to the door and talked to them and told them we had a few things we want to drop off.  Then the folks got off the bus and began carrying the stuff into the house.  We filled their kitchen with food and one of our men in the church brought a tree in case they didn’t have one.  They set up the tree and we had some decorations that were donated and some lights.  The gifts were put under the tree.

As we were getting ready to leave the husband of the house asked us to stay and watch them open the gifts.  We stood around the house and watched this family open their gifts and to see the joy on the children’s faces would make anyone cry.  It was a very moving time for those who went.  When we got back in the bus we had prayer for the family and each of those who came shared something that was special to them about the event we experienced.  What a blessing this was to each of those who went.  It was talked about for weeks afterwards among the members and it had a very big impact on me and those who went.  I forgot to mention the church had collected $500.00 in cash that we gave the family.  We never pushed them to come to our church we only wanted to give of ourselves to them.

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