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Reasons Why Your New Years Resolutions Are Working

You may wonder why your New Year Resolutions aren't working. You want so desperately for your New Years Resolution to work. Why don't they? First off your heart isn't into it. If you really want them to work you really need to get on board with the idea. You sign up for classes at the weight loss clinic and two weeks into it you are done. Why? Your heart wasn't really into it.

Another reason is because you leave God out. You need to pray about these resolutions as ask God to help you reasch your goals. I one year decided to start writing a journal as a new years resolution. I ask God to help me and He di and I was able to continue it for several years. It was after a few years I felt I had accomplished what I wanted to do and so I stopped. I feel I was successful because I sought God help. Each time I thought of quitting before the year was up I was reminded of my committment to God.

When you make a New Years Resolution don't do it on the spir of the moment really think it through and make a commitment to stick it out forthe whole year. You will be glad you did and you will have more success.

Let me know how it goes with yours for this year. You can write me at Good luck!!

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