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Real Christmas Tree Or Fake Tree

So do you put up a real tree or to you put up a fake tree? Does that help you decide when you will put the tree up? When do you put the tree up?

Back in the day when I lived in Baraboo and Paul and Faith were young we put up a fake tree as we usually put it up the day after Thanksgiving. This gave us time to get into the spirit and also have a place to put gifts as we bought them.

When Kelly and I got married we experimented with the real tree and the fake tree. The year we had the real tree we had needles all over the house with the real tree. We decided the next year to have a fake tree and it worked better for us.

After the kids left the nest we had a small mini tree for a few years. Now we don’t put up a tree because the dogs knock it down and we just enjoy the trees at the kids’ houses. When you have three dogs and a cat having a tree can be a real challenge.

I do want to hear your traditions and what you do concerning putting up a real or fake tree. Please let me know I would greatly appreciate it.

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