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Free Cellphone Offers

If you want to change carriers and get screwed by them in the process then don’t read the fine print. When they offer a buy one get one or two free you are going to get screwed. The fine print says you must have an account on each phone. I some cases you have to pay for the phone and then they refund the money over time. We bought into this and we didn’t open our free phone because we were going to use it as a backup. About two months into our deal we couldn’t understand why our bill was so high and we found out that the free phone was given a phone number and we were pay for data, texting & and internet on the phone that was in a box. They never told us anything until we called about two months after we got the free phone. We didn’t need another line we just wanted a backup. To close the account we would have to pay a big early cancelation fee. If you think you are getting something free you are nuts because they don’t get anything free. They will screw you over and on paper it will look like you got a free phone but on the pocketbook you will be screwed over.

I get sick every time I hear these ads because I know just what they are doing. After you change carriers then they will stick it to you. It is like DIRECTV Now, AT&T changed the name and over the past three years they have jacked the price up to over $60.00. It started out at $10.00 and not we are paying $60.00. You can get cable for that price and not have the slow internet problem with the streaming shows. They screw you over and then cable jacks their prices up after you have them for a year. The low ball you the first year and then jack it up each year after.

I don’t know what to tell you but be careful and don’t let them screw you over. Read the fine print and don’t let them make you think you are getting a good deal or something for free because they don’t give away free stuff that is what the government does. If you want free stuff you have to get it from the government not the cellular companies or the cable companies.

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