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Usually I try to stay away for political stuff but I just had to write this as I saw it firsthand. I watched the Impeachment Inquiry and then I thought I would check the news outlets to see how they reported it. I recorded them so I could make sure I got it right.

Each of those I recorded CNN, ABC, NBC, & CBS reported Fake News on the Impeachment Inquiry. They reported that testimony was given to prove Bribery and a number of other things. Each of them was false. They made statements that were totally untrue. My wife and I watched CBS News Live and none of the News on the Impeachment Inquiry were correct. This is why people have come not trust these news outlets. I am sure there were others that reported FAKE NEWS but I only watched the ones I listed above.

I hope you will get you news from sources that can be trusted. Mike Huckabee was once source I watched that gave a correct update on what really happened. I am told that there were a couple of others that got it right. If you are listening to Fake News then you don’t have the real story.

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