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Ice Cream

Now that it is getting cold do you like to eat ice cream? Do you only like it when the weather is warm or do you eat it when it is cold too?

When I lived in Baraboo the Dairy Queen closed during the cold weather. Here in Bethalto the Dairy Queen is opened year around but I don’t usually buy ice cream in the cold weather.

I don’t about you but I can go for a shake every once in a while but I just can’t eat ice cream in the winter. I like chili when the weather gets nasty. I really don’t like the cold as I always have a hard time getting warm. A bowl of chili with cheese and sour cream sounds really good about now.

I sure would like to hear your taste for ice cream in winter. By the way I have some people with Birthdays during November. My sister has a birthday, Molly my cousin has a birthday and Abby my step daughter has a birthday. Not sure if you know it but Alexia is five this year in November too.

Well, I am going to go for now. Please give me your input. Thanks in advance.

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