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Dr. James W. Delashmit

I served under the ministry of Dr. Delashmit for several years before going to Baraboo to start my first pastorate.  Dr. Delashmit came to Baraboo and held a revival for me while I was there and it was an exciting time.

Since my leaving Baraboo, Dr. Delashmit has gone to be with the Lord.  Dr. William Stedman is now the Pastor of Faith Baptist Church where Dr. Delashmit was Pastor.  Dr. Stedman has pastored Faith Baptist for several years now.  I am not sure how many.

Recently I have been getting an onslaught of requests for Dr. Delashmit’s music and sermons.  I do not have any of his sermons that are for sale or any of his music.  I suggest you contact Dr. Stedman at Faith Baptist Church in Posen, Illinois and he can help you or direct you to someone who can help you.

I treasure my years that I served under Dr. Delashmit and his music and sermon are treasured by many.  Thank you for your love for his sermons and music but I suggest you contact Dr. Stedman if you need further information.  Dr. Stedman served with Dr. Delashmit for many more years than I did and he was called to take Dr Delashmit’s place when left.

God bless each and every one who still listens to his music and sermons.  I own all three of his records and they are still in the original wrapper.

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