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Fraud Alert - Red Robin

I need to warn you about an incident that happened at the Red Robin in Edwardsville. You need to take action. I wouldn’t eat here until they get this problem cleared up.

Kelly and I went here to eat with Abby and her two girls. As we were concluding eating a manager came to the table and told us that the credit machines were not working. He wanted us to give him our credit card information to pay for our bill. Kelly and I scraped up enough cash to pay our bill as I did not want to do that. Abby did not have enough cash so she had to give him her credit information. She told him she did not feel comfortable doing it and he said they will take extra care in making sure the information stays safe.

When Red Robin finally put through her bill they charged her for her bill and ours too. We had paid cash and she only signed for her bill. She called the Red Robin and the manager told him that it was a mistake and it would fall off before being paid.

Well, it went through and they charged her account and ours. Not sure how they did it because we paid cash. I assume the waiter took our money and put in his pocket and charged our bill to Abby.

I called the manager and he told me that he would charge back both our bill and Abby’s bill. Here it is a week later and he never did it. I have called Red Robin again and only get run around and I have called the main office and they won’t respond the just put me on voice mail.

I am suggesting you avoid this place until they get this matter cleared up. Kelly and I went over there and there is a “For Lease” sign up in front of the Red Robin. Are you going to close down? What is really going on? If you want my take you should avoid this place until they get their duck in a row. You have been warned so if you go there you do at your own risk.

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