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Impeachment Inquiry

I have watched some of this and I was totally upset because our money is being wasted and they can’t find anything that is an impeachable offense. The witnesses can only give hearsay evidence and it doesn’t match the actual phone call and they can’t prove anything. Basically they are wasting our money on a hearing that isn’t getting any real evidence.

Those who are giving information can’t do it without showing their bias feelings and they are making a real mess of it. All of the witnesses are giving second and third hand information and they can’t seem to keep their stories straight. Some of them have changed their stories a few times.

The news media is flat out lying about the way the inquiry is going. I have seen both the inquiry and the news reports. They don’t even match.

Some of those who I know who are against the President think he ought to be impeached but they can’t name anything impeachable and they have seen 0% of the Impeachment Inquiry. So basically they are operating on hearsay evidence they have heard from Fake News.

Don’t give me your take when you haven’t seen any of the inquiry and you don’t know what is going on. You just embarrass yourself and show your ignorance.

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