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Attention: Great Dane Owners

I was wondering if any of my readers have ever owned a Great Dane. If so I would like you to touch base with me as I could use some help. I have a Great Dane that is about 8 months old and I have some questions for previous owners of Great Danes.

I appreciate my readers and I have learned a great deal from those of you have communicated with me over the years. I have got negative and positive input over the years and I appreciate the honestly of my readers. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and I appreciate it when you share your input.

The only time I have not been pleased was a person who verbally attacked me and they have a right to their own opinion but they said nasty stuff and called me names. I am up to hear things that are different to my opinion but there is no need for name calling and verbal attacks. Please don’t let that one person be the only one to disagree with me.

I will be waiting to hear from anyone out there that owns or has owned in the past, a Great Dane.

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