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Do You Really Care?

Many times people do not really care about other people’s problems but they put on an act.  I am not really sure why but I wonder.  When I hear about people’s problems I am burdened and I pray and ask God to give the person guidance.  I know other folks may not really care and they just say words to make themselves feel better.

I have shared problems with people and they say wonderful things to me and I say something stupid to see if they are listening and they just say something like things will work out or something else and I know they aren’t listening and they don’t really care.

I hate it when someone says to me that they will pray for me or they are praying for me when they actually never do.  They say they are praying because they think it will make me feel better.

Many times I see people who share things on Facebook.  Sometimes the things they share are things that they are going through that are very difficult or stressful.  If I say praying as we speak that means when I read about their situation I bowed my head and said a prayer for their situation before I wrote the post.

I just wonder how many people out there say words just to try and make people feel better.  When I get empty words they don’t make me feel better it makes matters worse.  I don’t always catch when the words are empty but from time to time I am able to discern when they are empty.

What I am asking of you is don’t say you care if you really don’t.  Empty words can make the hurt even worse and it cuts even deeper.

Think before you speak and make sure you really mean what you say.

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