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When Was Your Last Homemade Dinner?

Can you think back to the last time you ate a home cooked meal?  I am not talking about Cracker Barrel’s food even though it is good and tastes like a home cooked meal.  I am talking about a meal that was cooked in the home and not any pre- prepared food.  Examples:  instant potatoes instant stuffing and etc.

Just thinking about mash potatoes and gravy and many of the other fixings that go in a home cooked meal such as biscuits makes my mouth water.  Add to that homemade fried chicken and I my stomach is doing a dance.

Usually we have a home cooked meal at least at Thanksgiving.  Some folks have one at Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Do you have a home cooked meal any other times of the year?  We live in an instant age and we want everything done right now and so we do have time to wait for it to be prepared.

Even when we go to Cracker Barrel they have been cooking the food for hours before you get there.  The chicken and dumplings have been simmering on the stove and the pot roast has been cooking for hours before you get there.

When was the last time someone made a fresh pie that you ate for dessert after your dinner.  I know some of the store pies are good but I am talking about a fresh baked pie.  For the most part many of us haven’t had a fresh baked pie in a long time.  I don’t think I have had one since I resigned Pleasant View.  The ladies at the church made some of the best pies this side of the Mississippi River.

Most people make corn out of the can but Elta make this special corn that I always enjoyed at the church dinners.  Not sure what she put in it but I could make a meal off just the corn.  When you add freshly mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken, green beans picked from the garden and cook to perfection and then you add homemade slaw and homemade fruit salad.

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