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Grub Hub

I was wondering if any of my readers uses this delivery service to have food delivered to your home?  We have tried to use it on several occasions and our experience hasn’t been good.

Our first experience was when we had KFC delivered with this service.  They delivered only half of our order and did not deliver drinks.  The person delivering was rude and said he had other deliveries and couldn’t go back and get stuff that was left out of order.  We contacted their office and was connected to someone in Chicago who told us we would get a refund for the food we never got.  We never got that refund.

We tried it with other food establishments and didn’t get any better service.  Most of them did not deliver our drinks.  The driver calls office and they say they will refund but they never do.  We avoid Grub Hub and restaurant that uses this service.  One time I tried to tell a person at the drive up I was unhappy with Grub Hub and they just blew me off.  I would avoid this delivery service if at all possible.

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