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Vantage Credit Union (Warning)

I am going to tell everyone about my bad experience with the Vantage Credit Union.  I cannot recommend this credit union to anyone and for that matter I suggest you stay as far away from it as you can.

If you have any loans with them where they are holding your title you will not be able to sell it until you pay it off.  If you don’t pay with cash they will hold your title for ten working days even if you pay off the loan, unless you pay with cash.

We opened our account at the Wood River branch and we did business there and then all of a sudden they closed that branch.  So we had a very hard time doing business because either we had to drive to Missouri or East St Louis.

I had a buyer for my RV Camper and I told them about it and they made it very hard for me to sell it.  They told me that I had to bring the buyer to Bridgeton, MO if I wanted to pick up the title right away.  The buyer would have to pay in cash or they couldn’t get title.  I lost several buyers because of this.  Then I paid off the loan with a certified check and they still wouldn’t give me my title.  I ended up waiting ten days and then they mailed it to me and it took another two days to get here.  The only way I could get it after ten days was pick it up in Bridgeton and I had to call ahead so they didn’t mail it out.

Another thing is when you call them you can’t reach any branch you have to go through the main bank.  Then they will call you back or if they forward your call to the branch you will get a voice mail and you have to leave a message.  In my estimation this is a very poor system and it makes the customer feel unimportant.  When we paid off our loans we closed our accounts with them because it was a major issue to do any business with them and usually took several days to take care of a minor issue that at a bank takes 5 minutes.

Each time I called and expressed my displeasure they told me in so many words that they didn’t care about us.  Well, now they don’t have to mess with me as we closed our accounts.  They didn’t really offer us much service anyway.

I high recommend you NOT open an account at Vantage Credit Union.  If you do you have been warned.

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