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If our country goes to socialist it will be because voters didn’t educate themselves about what socialist believe. Many just vote for whoever the media says is winning. I want to tell you those polls are the last thing I want to be choosing my representatives and my president. When I cast my vote it will be for the person I choose not whoever the pollsters choose.

The other day someone said to me that in all the years they had been voting nobody polled them. The reason is that the people who run these polls use the same people over and over. They can make whatever they want to win by the way they ask a question. How do I know this? I am one of those they have been polling over the past 10 years. I have read questions and at face value it sound like it is saying this but if you read it better you will see it is saying something else. So when you agree to something you are not in agreement with it messes up the poll numbers. That is why Hillary lost. They screwed up the questions to make the numbers go in her favor and they thought everyone would vote for her because the polls were saying she was going to win anyway.

I am sorry these last few days for all the political posts but this stuff needs to be said. I don’t care if you don’t agree with me you still have the right to have your opinion. All I want is the people who are feeding you information to be truthful with you and be honest. Many are lying just to get your vote. They can’t give you what they are promising but they think you don’t care and that you will be happy when they increase your taxes to pay for things. So they lie to you and say someone else is going to pay for it and when you end up having to pay they will say their calculations were a bit off and so you will give them the benefit of the doubt and they can just run again and screw over again.

So good luck and have a nice day. Please vote responsibility as it is a BIG responsibility and you shouldn’t take it lightly. This is America so I challenge you to support the candidates who are fighting for America.

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