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I have so many dreams and the real problem is when I wake up I can’t remember them. All I remember is it was something weird or it was a really good dream that I want to remember so very bad. I also have dreams that I do remember and I don’t know why I can remember so but others I cannot remember.

Last night was one of those rare times I remember the dream. It isn’t often that I do so when I do I try to figure out what it means.

My dream last night was about a very close friend I had while in college. His name was Gary Horrocks and we were pretty good friends. We both were students at Grand Rapids School of Bible & Music and we both worked for Fairbanks Bakery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

My dream wasn’t about college or the time we were working at Fairbanks Bakery. My dream was a bit weird. Gary and I were in a horse race contest and the weird thing about the race was that we were not riding on the horses we were walking them.

The race was not on a race track but out in the country. We had to walk our horse as fast as we could through a path and we had to be careful not to fall or get off the path.

Gary won the race but several times during the race he encouraged me after I had tripped and almost fell. It wasn’t a close race as Gary won by about 20 feet.

Not sure what it means but it was a strange dream. Anyone want to take a stab at the meaning of the dream?

If you think you know what the dream means please give me a shout out as I would love to hear what you think. I was a very vivid dream and it seemed very real to me. Your take on my dream would be much appreciated.

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