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Getting Puppies Spayed

I recently to Chloe to have her spayed and the process went very well but I had to fight with her and Sophie to keep them from fighting and breaking the staples. She was very mellow the first few days but when she started jumping over the gate again I knew I had a problem. She is back to normal now. Sophie is due to go in next and I know this is going to be loads of fun… NOT.

Have you had your puppies spayed or neutered and what words of wisdom can you share with me. Anything I can do to keep them settled would be really great.

It is always interesting that they seem to be quiet until I am about to do something or go somewhere. Then all of a sudden they have this new burst of energy and I am not ready for it. I know the Great Dane is going to be a real job keeping calm while she heals up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and so please feel free to chime in at any time because I can really use the advice.

This week I have been under the weather so I would appreciate your prayers. Nothing serious I just have been low on energy and a bit sleep deprived. Thanks in advance!!

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