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I Am Enraged

You might ask me why I am enraged. Since you ask the question I will gladly respond.

I am enraged that the democrats are trying to impeach our President and the very ones who are trying to impreach him have not been punished for the crimes they have done.

They have so many who have gone unpunished I am not going to name them as it would be almost all of them. Many of those running for president have committed crimes that have never been punished. One of the candidates admitted publicly his crime and yet he is still walling the streets. Everyone knows Hillary’s crimes but everyone is afraid to charge her because they think she will have them killed. Others have committed crimes that are violations of the constitution yet they continue to operate as if nothing has happened. We have a former FBI Director and many operatives that have gone unpunished and a host of others yet nobody has the guts to file charges and put them in jail. How long are we going to let this go on? I think the majority of the American people want these people charged and put in jail. My question is why have they not been put in jail? The entire American population knows they are guilty so why are they still walking the streets? You are they trying to put the president out of office and wasting our money when they have committed crimes (in some cases) worse than anything the president has done.

Isn’t it time some of these democrats go to jail?

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