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Question From One Of My Readers

It isn’t often that I have a blogger leave a message on my webpage with a question so I want to be sure and answer it.

The question was asked of me, why do political candidates lie to the people when they are running for office?

This is a very easy question. The reason they lie is because you will believe them no matter what they say. Two reasons you believe them. First you want their lie to be true so when they say it because you want it to be true you believe it. Second many think that they won’t lie because they will get caught and they think it will hurt them. Usually this doesn’t make a difference because many of the voters don’t hold their candidates accountable. That is really sad because many of them lie and many don’t really care.

Some lie and they claim they just didn’t know. For the most part they know they are lying and they don’t care because you will vote for them anyway. That is why they hate Trump so deeply. He has made promises and has worked hard to keep them. The ones he can't keep are because the democrats fight him not because they oppose the issue they just don’t want him to fulfil his promises.

It is time we hold our candidates accountable to not lie and to keep their promises.

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