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Does The End Justify The Means?

Here is the real question. If you are trying to do good and you must lie to make people believe you are right then you are wrong. Some might say the end justifies the means.

Well if you want my answer I think it is wrong to lie for any reason. We lie all the time because we feel it that the lie is really going to make things better but in reality is will make things worse.

One lie that many tell is the one divorced or separated families tell the children. They tell the children that the parent who is causing all the problems really loves them and they just have a busy work schedule and they can’t come and see them. The courts require you lie and not tell the kids the truth about the problem parent. Personally I think they need to know that the problem parent is beating and abusing the other one. Later down the line they are going to wonder why you lied to them when they find out the truth. One parent is in jail for breaking the law and we give them some sob story about something. Just tell them they broke the law and now they are in jail. Of course I am not telling you to disobey the courts I am just says I think they ought to know the truth. Many deadbeat parents are looked up to by their children because they don’t know the truth.

Just to be clear I am not telling you to not obey the courts I am just saying in my opinion I don’t think it is worthwhile.

Car salesmen are the best at lying. They convince themselves that you really want the car but if they tell you some fault in the car you won’t buy it. Others salesmen lie and tell you that they are just working out some last minutes details when they don’t have the financing they are just trying other financial institutions to find someone who will finance your bad credit.

We need to be careful with our lies.

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