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What Is Your Views On Domestic Abuse?

I have a very strong view on this subject as I have seen it up real close.  It is my opinion that the abuser will keep on abusing and for those who think that they can be cured; I think you are dreaming some wild dreams.

When I was in Baraboo I had a woman come to me for help and her husband had been beating her with the high heel on her shoes.  She was beaten pretty badly and I got her into a safe house and he was very angry and he came after me.  She said he wanted help to cure his desire to beat her but he never sought any real help to counsel him.  The last time he almost killed his wife with those beatings and it was all over what she was serving for supper.

I haven’t been following up on events that have happened since she got in the safe house.  I did hear she was there for a year and then they helped relocate her and her children to another state.  I just hope he never finds her because we know how it will end.

If you are being abused you need to seek help.  The only way it will end is when he beats you so badly that you die.  This is not what you deserve and you don’t have to take his beatings as there is help out there.

Please let me know what you think on this subject.

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