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What Did They Bury In The Backyard?

Some say that they buried something back there that they were not supposed to bury. (I am 99% sure it wasn’t a body but it was something a little smaller and they had it covered up with a rug. I am sure it wasn’t just a rug even though the trash folks won’t take carpet I am sure they wouldn’t just bury a rug in the back yard. So I wonder what it is?

I haven’t been brave enough to go over there and see if I can find out what it is. If you are brave enough please take pictures. I am sure if you post them on the internet that it will bring out a host of folks who can and will give you the low down on it. I hear that even though it wasn’t really big it took several guys to carry the carpet it was being carried in. It makes you wonder what they would be burying back there.

Please if you hear anything let me know and I will do the same if I hear anything. I will keep my eyes open and my ear to the ground. Please don’t tell anyone where it is at if you know because they will be trampling all over the place and I know that they don’t like people snooping in their backyard.

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