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Scammers Want Your Money

Scammers have been going to new highs to try and defraud you of your money.  Almost every day I hear of stories of people who don’t listen to the warning of others to not give out their social security number to people who call.  They go to all types of lengths scam you. 

The other day I heard about them ghosting people’s email and then writing their friends and using their email to fool people.  Then people say hey a friend of mine knows this person so they must be okay.  NOT!!!  Don’t let them scam you.

I got a call some time back and the person said they were from Social Security and that they were going to raise my checks.  They just needed me to verify my information.  I hung up and contacted them through my account and found out it was a scam.  When people call you for no reason and offer to give you money for no reason and they need your information to verify who you are they are probably a scammer.  If they have your number to give you money they don’t need your information because they already should know it.  Usually they will say they are just having you verify it so they know they have it right.  I don’t even verify my name with scammers.  They are not stupid even though they might act like it.  Beware they will take your money faster than you can get it.

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