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I am writing this and sharing it with you because Kelly and I were taken advantage of and we don’t want you to end up in the same boat.

We bought a SunTracker Party Barge from Brass Pro back in 2013. They suggested we finance it through our credit union. We went to our Credit Union to see if they would finance it. (I am not naming the Credit Union but if you have any plans to deal with one please check with me before you do as you do not want to deal with this one.) In order for them to finance it they wanted us to finance our car, truck, and RV with them also. They offered us a good deal so we went and financed the boat, RV, car and truck.

This was not a good idea but we didn’t know what was going to happen on down the road. We signed all the papers and back in 2013 and just recently we found out that they didn’t include me on the title of the RV. I was listed on the boat, car, and truck but not the RV.

Fast forward to present day. We decided to sell the RV but we owed some on it so I went to credit union to find out what we owed on it. They wouldn’t give me any information as they said my name wasn’t on the title. Kelly called and got payoff and we had a buyer and they told us we could meet at one of their branches in Missouri as the Wood River branch closed. The buyer and I was supposed to meet and he was going to pay if off and we were going to get the title. The buyer didn’t show up as he had some issues because the credit union was holding things up.

So Kelly got some funds from another account and we paid it off since the buyer was scared off by the credit union. I paid off the loan but the credit union would not give me the title. They said the check had to clear. I waited five days and the checked cleared and I contacted them and they refused to give me my title. Now they said I had to get written proof that the check had cleared. In the meanwhile we lost one buyer but had several other buyers who were interested in buying the RV. I contacted them and told them the check had cleared and ask if they would give me the title because I had a cash buyer. They still refused to release the title. (Not sure what their scam is but they still are holding things up.) If you open an account with this credit union you can expect that they will treat you in the same manner. I highly discourage it.

They had my title at one branch and they have moved it to another branch and they are giving me the run around and I am not really sure when I am going to get it. I am telling you this because you need to be aware of how they do business so they don’t do the same thing to you. Contact me direct if you need further information.

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