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Selling On Facebook

Lately I have been selling stuff on Facebook and I was wondering if any of my readers sell on Facebook.

What I really hate is when someone wants an item and then after you give them your address they never show up.  Then there is someone who comes and sees your stuff and then offers you an unreasonable price.  I also have those who nag you to come down on your price and then after you agree to a lower price they back out.

Recently I had someone make an offer on my camper and then after they made the offer they didn’t wait for me to accept it they just kept looking and when I got back to them they said they already bought another camper.

People these days don’t have any respect for the people they are dealing with.  I am always honest and I keep my word when I tell them a certain price or whatever I agree to.  The only time I didn’t was when the price was misprinted.  When I agree with someone about a price I stick with it.  I always try to be fair with those I deal with but now days folks are all about themselves.

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