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Our Camper & Pontoon Boat

We have decided to sell our boat and camper and it has been a real mess trying to get them ready and then you have the buyers.  I had a buyer that came and looked at the camper and he pushed and pushed for a better price.  Finally we agreed on a price and we set up a time for him to come and get it and bring the cash payment.

He asked for me to set it up so he could see that the slide worked and the Awning worked.  I spend my entire morning getting it set up and it was ready to go and when he got here he changed his mind and didn’t buy it.

I have other buyers but the hassle he put me through and the jacking me around was beyond compare.  Because we had made arrangements with the credit union to pay it off and it turned into an even bigger mess.

I am not going to go into it now but I will later be posting a review on the credit union.  You don’t want to use this credit union and so if you plan on opening up an account ask me for the name of this one and you don’t want to use it.

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