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I have tried to stay away from political issues on my blog but I just couldn’t control myself on this one. I am not a senator or representative but I know that the president did not commit anything that is grounds for impeachment. If I understand this why don’t those who are supposed to represent us, know? I will tell you. They are idiots. Many of them need to take an Economics 101 and Government 101. They don’t have a clue how things are supposed to be run and they are screwing up our country. They are spending hours and hours searching for reasons to impeach the president and they are not doing their job.

You may not agree with me but this President has been doing a good job. He isn’t perfect and he has his flaws but he has not done anything worth of impeachment. If you want to chime in that would be okay with me.

I would say that the majority of those who are suggesting impeachment don’t even know what crimes are impeachable. We have a bunch of people making suggestions and they all sound like idiots because they don’t know what they are talking about.

Then we have Bernie Sanders that needs to go back to school because he doesn’t understand basic economics. How do these people get where they are at being so stupid? I am sorry to put it so bluntly but they just don’t have the know how to run our government.

If I am wrong I want to hear your side. Please don’t quote their talking points because they don’t make any sense. I know homeless people who have more sense than they do.

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