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What Do You Think About Professional Sports

I was wondering what you think about professional sports? I know that many enjoy watching sporting events but I was wondering about their pay. I don’t know about you but I think that many of them get paid too much for what we get out of it. What happens is the owners just pass the cost on to the TV networks and ticket sales to make up the difference.

What I want to say is that when they ask for more and more money they are hitting our pockets too. It costs the advertisers more to put their ad on the TV when the sporting events are on and they just pass that expense along to us in higher costs to food and other things that we buy that they advertise.

There are two types of people that get paid too much. Sports figures and politicians and we pay to keep them in their jobs. Neither of these types of people cares about our situations and they do nothing to help us in our situations.

If they do for you I would like to hear about it. WE live in a world that everyone takes for themselves and very few give back to those who need.

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