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A Very Interesting Story

There was this guy who was in love with a very special girl. Her mother and Father were not interested in them getting closer because they seem to be very close. The father took the girl aside and talked with her and told her that he did not think the relationship was good. He ask her if she would quit seeing him and just break off the relationship before they got really serious.

The girl said that she would have to think about it and so the father left her to her thoughts. She went home that night a bit angry and didn’t know how to deal with it. Finally she decided that the next day she was going to talk with her boyfriend and tell him what his dad had proposed.

The next day she asked him to meet her in the woods behind his house and they went and sat down under a tree. She began to explain to him what his father had suggested. He got very angry and he told her that he was going to go see his dad and confront him. She asked him not to because she didn’t want his father to know that she had told him about what he said.

He said that he needed to talk it out with his dad and find out why he would suggest such a thing. She asked him again to keep her out of it but he refused and began walking back to the house.

The girl ran home and began to cry as she did not know how she was going to respond to his dad when he found out that she had told his son what he had proposed.

The son walked in the door and told his dad that they needed to talk.

Continued on the next page.

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