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Where Has The Spirit Of Giving Gone?

Today we live in a world where many folks are only seeking what they can get and the spirit of giving is gone.  Where has it gone?

It has gone in the pockets of those who are greedy.  It isn’t how we can give back to those who have done so much for us, it is about what can we get and how can we benefit from the fruits of others.  

It breaks my heart when I see everyone running around only to find out what they can do to make things for themselves better.  They will go so far as to cheat and steal to get to that point.  It no longer is what we can do for others but what can I get for myself.

If you are one of the takers; shame on you.  I see this every day and it is making me sick.  I have tried to be honest in all my dealing and I go way beyond what I should yet others will take advantage of me.  I could name many of you by name who has taken advantage of my good nature and giving spirit.  It isn’t that I don’t want to be giving but when you lie and take advantage it breaks my heart.  God will get repay for your cheating and lying spirit.

Over the years God has blessed me for my giving spirit and I don’t want to be any other way but when I find out that I have been cheated and deceived it breaks my heart.

Well, I hope you will get your act together and do the right thing.  I strongly believe in the “pay it forward” theory.  God has allowed me to be a big part of this and I have reaped because of it.  Don’t miss God’s blessing by ripping off God’s servants.

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