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Why Are We Treated Like This?

I was wondering how you feel about the way you are treated by people?  That would be friends, family, or just plain strangers.

Sometimes I feel that people don’t really care about anything except themselves.  I get this from the way they treat me.  Here is an example:  I have many friends that I have become acquainted with over the years.  One particular person I was very close to.  I went to college with him when I was in school in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We were very close and we told each other everything and we were very tight.

After school ended he went home and I went home and then when I got married the first time he was my best man. He was just super and I felt close to him.  Then after my divorce it was like I had some disease because he never would talk to me.

I wrote him letters and got no response and I went to Michigan to see him and each time I tried to contact him I would get no response.

He married and had children and I have learned a little about him as his wife is one of my Facebook friends.  I ask her to say hi to him for me and she says she does but that is all she says I gave him your message.

Why do people treat us that way?  Why are we sometimes treated like a nobody by people that once were very close?

I understand that old girlfriends and people you weren’t close with may not keep in touch.  But those you were very close with you would think would still be your friends.

The same goes for friends I had in the ministry.  I knew many Pastors over my 34 years of ministry.  Now that I have retired I would say 100% of them have never contacted me since I retired.  I have tried to contact them but they never respond and some have changed their phone number and address.  My number is still the same and I still live here where I have lived for over 25 years.

If anyone knows why this goes on I sure would like to hear your input.

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