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Do You Have A Favorite Dog Breed?

When I ask this question I don’t want you to choose which of your pet dogs was your favorite.  What I am asking is do you have a favorite breed? 

I noticed in My Uncle D.B.’s family that if they have a dog it is a Boston terrier.  When the kids were being raised that was the breed they had and it seems if the kids have a dogs that is what it is. 

What about you do you have a favorite breed?  I am really torn up about my favorite breed.  I love the Dalmatian breed but we have had several breeds and I like each of them and it seems each breed has a one or two bad traits.  We had two boxers over the years and I grew to love them.  Then one of the boxers became real aggressive and would attack me if I tried to leave the house.  Beth our other boxer was a real jewel and we never had a problem with her but later in life she didn’t get along with other dogs.  Jasper our Chocolate Lab is a wonderful dog.  He goes with us when we travel and is good in motels and we can have him in the yard and he won’t run off.  Just an all-around great dog but he has one problem.  When we get a thunder storm he goes nuts.  He climbs on top of you if you are in bed and if you are in the house he gets so close to you that you can’t sit or do anything.  This only happens when it thunderstorms but it can be a real pain.  If we are not home he barks and tries to find someplace to hide.

We had a Jack Russell Terrier and I would never have another one of these.  She barked at everything that moved and she bullied the other dogs and wouldn’t let them eat.  She got Beth so we had to feed her in a separate room or she wouldn’t eat.

We have had Yellow Lab and they are wild and over active.  The Great Dane is big and very clumsy and wants to be a lab dog and that isn’t possible.

After thinking it over the Chocolate Lab has to be my favorite breed.  I may change my mind down the road but that is where I am right now.

What about you do you have a favorite breed and if so why?  I sure would love to hear from you.

I forgot to mention the Rat Terrier we had but that is another story for down the road.  I enjoy dogs and I have love the opportunity to raise them but now as I get older I am just not built to train them like I use to do.

I am sure some don’t like dogs and if that is the case I want to hear from you too.  Why are you so down on dogs?  I won’t judge you or unfriend you I just want to hear from you.

I also know that some folks have a schedule that won’t allow them to have a dog.  I totally understand.

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