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The Solution To Your Problem

Just about everyone has a problem and everyone is looking for a way to cure or solve their problem.  Many want an easy fix and to put it mildly they want a “Fast Food Solution”.

So what is a “Fast Food Solution”?  A “Fast Food Solution” is a quick solution.  When you are hungry and you want something to eat fast you go to a fast food joint.  You don’t go somewhere where they cook your steak to just like you want it.  You go somewhere where they can get your food fast.

Getting your problem solved like that only makes matters worse.  You need to have your problem fixed once and for all and that takes time.

I can’t tell you how many times I have talked with couples who want their marriage problems fixed in ten minutes.  It took them years to get where they are now but now they want you to sprinkle some love potion on their head and send them on their way.  It doesn’t work like that.  If you don’t want to sit through the long counseling sessions and learn why you have the problem and what needs to be done to fix it; it won’t be fixed.

The same goes for all your other problems.  God can help you but His fix usually takes time.  Remember the leper Naaman that had to dip seven times in the Jordan.  The Jordan was a disgusting filthy river.  After he dipped once and he looked at his spots he wasn’t cured.  He was told to dip seven times.  It was after the seventh time that healing came.

Quit looking for the “Fast Food Solution” and follow the example that we learn in scripture.  Good things come to those who listen to God and follow His directions.  Listen to those you are trying to help and don’t expect a quick cure.

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