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Blast Into The Past

I was at the Pierce’s grocery store picking up some items and I was paying for my groceries and the cashier asked my son Paul a question.  At this time I forget exactly what she said to him but he responded, “If you don’t repent of your sins, you’re going to burn in Hell.”  It was at that point I was wondering if that was the way I spoke.  I was careful after that the way I spoke to others about their need to repent of their sins.

While I was the Pastor in Baraboo I was known as the Pastor who told it like it was.  I was a straight shooter and I didn’t beat around the bush.  It was when this happened that I realized that I needed to be straight and truthful but I needed a little tack in doing so.  Isn’t it interesting what you can learn from you children when they are young and precious?  He was trying to imitate me and when he did I saw a side of myself that I really didn’t like.

Sometimes the things we see in our children are some of the habits that we didn’t realize we were passing along.  I see it all the time in my grandchildren.  They use words and groups of words that came straight out of the mouths of their parents.

It wasn’t too long ago my granddaughter was reminding me of something I had said.  I had forgotten about it but she remembered and when I didn’t want to claim I said it she told me all the details of what happened when I said it and then I remembered.  Don’t you hate it when your memory isn’t as good as it used to be but these young whippersnappers have a sharp memory and they won’t think twice about throwing it back in your face.

Be careful about what you say because you may have a young one near you taking in all you say.  They are going to repeat those same words and if they need to they will throw them back in your face.

I don’t say this very often but I am going to say it now.  Thank you for reading my blog.  I don’t know all those who read it but I do appreciate those of you who read it.  Please tell others about it and I sure would love to hear from you.

A little encouragement can go a very long way.   Since I have retired I haven’t heard from many of those I served with.  I know some of them have died but I know several that are still around and they never say anything anymore.  I have tried to contact some of you but never get a response.  My number is the same.

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