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Did You Take a Vacation This Year?

Did you go on a vacation this year? Did you have a good time and where did you go? Kelly and I had two vacations of sorts. We went to Texas for my Dad’s and Mary Lou’s wedding. We had a great time and got to have a relaxing time. The other vacation we went to South Carolina. Kelly had a seminar she was attending and we had a nice condo. Kelly had seminars in morning and we had the entire afternoon and evening off to do other things. We went shopping, eating out, and to the beach. It was a trip filled with activities. The condo was really nice and I shared a bit about it in a previous post

So did you go on a vacation? Where did you go? I have a question. If you had to make a choice between having Wi-Fi or Air Conditioning on your vacation which would you pick?

On this trip we didn’t have to make that choice but when we went to the Smoky Mountains the first time we didn’t have internet. We didn’t die but we kept busy doing thing. We had a real nice hot tub and we got to go hiking and exploring which was interesting. Jasper was with us and that was a really nice trip.

On our trip this year to the Smoky Mountains we chose a different cabin and this one had air and Wi-Fi. It was a really good trip. We also had the hot tub. We actually had one outside and one inside so it was really nice.

We also got to go to several really nice places to eat. I think if I had to choose from the trips we took this year I would choose the Smoky Mountain trip as my favorite.

So let me hear about your trips this summer. Did you have to drive long to get to your destination? How was that? It took a while to get to smoky Mountains but I wouldn’t trade that trip for anything.

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