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Missing Children

Lately I have been reading on Facebook about missing children. I don’t know about you but it grieves me to hear about children who are taken by perverts. It is always my hope and prayer that they will be returned to their parents.

I have also read about a non-custodial parent kidnapping their son or daughter from the custodial parent. I don’t mean to be harsh about this but I blame the courts for some of this. They give too much opportunity to the non-custodial parent to snatch the child. When they know the situation sometimes they need to make the hard choices and not allow the non-custodial parent have any custody unless it is supervised.

I know that parents are warned to not say things about the other non-custodial parent but I feel sometimes the children need to be warned as to the dangers that it could bring if their non-custodial parent takes them. I think at a certain age the children are old enough to be told about the dangers that this could bring.

Then you have the runaways who leave on their own. When you allow your children to have unsupervised internet where they can talk with perverts on the internet you are asking for trouble.

I am not trying to cause a problem with anyone but just want to share my opinion. If you have one I would like to hear yours.

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