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Insurance Companies

I don’t know what you think about them but it is my observation that they are ripping off people. My big beef is with car insurance. You pay for the insurance and if you add up all the premiums you pay and then the claims you find that they are making almost an 80% profit. Then they jack your rates up and charge you more if they aren’t getting their 80%. Is this legal?

I know that the insurance racket is a real scam because they are making a pile of money on interest alone on your premiums. I was told that they raise rates when the amounts get high in your area. So what that means is we are paying for the deadbeats who can’t drive without causing an accident and then those who don’t have insurance. Kelly and I could have bought a new car with all the money we paid for insurance. To be honest I am getting sick of how they are ripping people off. Kelly drives about 7 miles to work each day and I don’t drive to work and we are paying a butt load of insurance. Are you serious now?

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