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Kelly was just about going to cancel our Direct TV Now because they couldn’t provide us with Channel 3. We sat and talked about it and then the next day before she could cancel it the channel was back on. I know us talking about it isn’t the reason it is back on but it sure was strange the way it happened.

It isn’t that we like channel 3 bias reporting and fake news but we do like their weather people. They do have some good reporters that give good local news. They are still a little bias but we can see through it and we just ignore it.

The news was much better when Larry Conner’s was the senior reporter on the news desk. I think it was really bad of Channel 3 to push him out the way they did. It still rubs me wrong and it doesn’t make me like the other reporters more because he is gone. It just goes to show the bias of those who sit in the front office.

Well that is my take on Channel 3. Direct TV Now is changing its name and I just hope with AT & T taking over that they don’t ruin it. It was very good and if they screw it up they are going to lose lots of subscribers. I know if they keep jacking up the price they are going to lose us. It started out at $ 5.00 and now it is $50.00 a month.

Let me know what you think. BTW I know when my brother’s birthday is. I just was half asleep when I sent the greeting and I knew that August 12 was something and so I got it mixed up with his birthday which is August 16th.

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