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A Story That Must Be Told

Sometimes we have stories that happen in our lives and they are stories that must be told. In my case sometimes I haven’t told the stories as so much has happened in my life and the memory doesn’t remember them unless God brings them back into my memory. That is the case with the story I am going to share today. I had forgotten this story until somehow it was brought back to my memory.

I was sitting in my office at the church I was Pastoring in Baraboo when I heard a knock on the front door. My car was in the parking lot so they knew I was here so I went to answer the door.

When I got to the door I was met by a young man who was very sincere. He asked if he could wash the church windows for a few dollars. He was on his way to St Paul where he had got a job offer and was working his way to get there. He had all the tools to wash windows and I told him I didn’t have any money but I could use my gas card and put some cash in his tank. He said he wouldn’t take the gas until he washed the windows.

Well to make a long story short he washed all the windows in the church and he did a fine job. I took him to the gas station and filled up his car. Then he asked if I knew anyone that he could was windows so he could get some money to get something to eat. I told him about the local charity that would give food vouchers and he said he wouldn’t take any vouchers unless he could work for it. (This was my kind of person. He wanted to give a service to get something. Usually those coming wanted something for nothing.)

I called the local charity to see if he could wash their windows and they said they are not able to let people work for the vouchers they give out. He said he wouldn’t take the voucher because he wanted to work for what he got.

I called some other churches and I couldn’t find anyone who would allow him to work for some money. Finally I found a store front restaurant downtown that was willing to let him wash their window for a meal. I knew the guy who ran the restaurant and I explained the situation and he bartered for the meal.

I sure wished we had more of these types instead of all the freeloaders that just want a hand out. And we have some people running for president that want to enable freeloaders by giving them free stuff. If we just had people like this man that said no to freeloading and worked for his meal.

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