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No Danger But Death Comes

A snake went into a carpenters shop and went into the corner and while trying to find a place to hide rubbed on to a saw. The saw cut the snake and it began to strike back. It bit the saw and when doing so it hurt its mouth. It went into full attack mode and wrapped itself around the saw and tried to choke the saw to death. In doing so it killed itself as the saw cut into its body bringing death to the snake.

There was no danger to the snake because the saw could not move on its own. The snake thought it was being attacked and went into full attack mode and attacked the saw. When it wrapped itself around the blade it killed itself when there was no danger from the saw.

Sometimes we can allow our anger to do the same thing to us by attacking when there is no danger present. We think we know what the other person is thinking and we react and in doing so we only hurt ourselves. The other person was not a danger to us and was not attacking us but because of something that might of happened or might not have happened we went into attack mode. When we do we then find ourselves in a battle with an object that is not attacking us and we thus get the worse end of the deal.

God has a way of defending those who cannot defend themselves and if you get into a fight with God you are sure to lose.

Not all situations demand a full attack mode. God can and will protect you but you must know when to take action and when to be still and allow God to protect you.

Think about this the next time you get into a situation and you are not sure how to react. Make sure that you are on the side of God and not just reacting to a situation that will not bring you harm.

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