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Surveys For Money

I have been filling out some surveys on line for money. It isn’t much but I can buy a dinner or two so it makes it worth it. What is really interesting is that the surveys are put out by several different organizations. Many of them have the exact same questions. I have filled them about what kind of car I own, I had an interesting one about places I like to eat, and another one about cable service.

Once in a while I get one that asks political questions. I am thinking they don’t use mine because they keep asking me the same questions. They ask me about how Durbin is doing and of course I keep telling them he is doing a lousy job but nothing is ever done. We have many senators that need to give someone else a chance and they ought to retire as they are screwing things up. Durbin is one of those that needs to go. The reason I talk about him is because he is from my state.

When I do these surveys I get some insight on why the polls they take don’t give accurate results. They ask questions and they give you the choices that they want and they don’t let you really say what you want. They also show how bias they are by their questions. Like this question: “Many people didn’t get to vote in such and such year. Were you able to vote?” Who did you vote for? Almost every survey asks if I think Trump is leading the country in the right direction.

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