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School Is Back In Session

Now that school is back in session it makes it seem more like summer is over. I don’t like summer to be over until mid-September but I guess I don’t really have a say.

I have been reading my Facebook and I have seen that many of my friends have a great deal going on in their lives. It seems as the summer comes to an end that we get real busy and life seems to move a great deal faster.

The first part of this month I posted a few chats with Pastor Sam on my Facebook page. I got some responses and I plan on doing a few more but I had been watching my granddaughters and so I wasn’t able to do them as the house was very loud. Now that they are back to school I will trying and get a few more of them posted.

I haven’t said much but the puppies are keeping me busy too. They are a hand full and Chloe reminds me of Marley that was in a movie some time ago. If you saw the movie then you know what I am going through. If you haven’t seen it you ought to watch it. It is a very funny and enjoyable movie.

Well, I am going to sign off for the day. I hope you will come back tomorrow. I want to thank those of you who sent me emails I really appreciate it.

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