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A Interesting Marriage

I was reading the other day about a young couple that got married that was living in a nursing home.  The man was a 100 years young and his bride was 103 years young.  They had met in a nursing home in Ohio and they fell in love and they wanted to finish off any years they had left together.

This proves to me that love can happen at any age and it is always great to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it.  I am not expecting to live until I am 100 because my grandkids run me ragged and I am expecting that one day I will just fall over with a heart attack and die.

Live your life and enjoy it.  Don’t let anyone take the joy out of your life.  Trust the Lord and enjoy your life and serve Him as best as you can and God will do the rest.  When your time comes you will be ready.

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