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Dear Pastor Sam,

When I was a young girl I made some serious mistakes in my life.  Lately I keep hearing on the news about all the stuff people are bringing up about things people did when they were teenagers and used against them.  I have grieved over what I did and I confessed it to God and I have turned my life around.  My question is should I share it with anyone?

                            Please Help Me

Dear Please Help Me,

Most of the people who are having issues with people bring up stuff 15 -30 years ago are politicians and celebrities.  If you aren’t planning on running for office I would let that dead dog lie.

Personally I feel if these issues were not brought up when they happened that they ought to just drop it.  If the person has changed their life and moved on and not continued the bad path then they ought to be free to live their life without someone bringing up something 15-30 years later.  If they didn’t have an issue to bring it up 15-30 years ago then they just need to drop it.

I know I am going to get some letters telling me how wrong I am but that is how I feel.  If you have an issue then bring it up when it happens not 15 to 30 years later.  You can disagree with me but that is my opinion.  By the way that goes for Democrats and Republicans.

                           Pastor Sam

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