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It's All About You

So what happens when you are treated like it is all about you?  Really, in this day and age it is rare when someone treats you like it is all about you.  Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever been treated like it was all about you?  Have you ever been treated like a very special person?  How did you feel?

My birthday was last month and I got one card.  So can you guess who it was from?  It was from my Dad.  Hey, I am not really into getting a lot of cards but I did appreciate the card my Dad sent.  I got loads of greetings on Facebook and I thank all of you who sent best wishes.  I know it wasn’t all about me.  Facebook notifies your friends about your birthday and then you can send a birthday wish.  Hey, I can’t remember everyone’s birthday either so I understand.  I barely remember my own and my wife’s.  I also try to remember the kids’ birthdays.  I struggle to remember the grandchildren’s birthdays.

So now that we know it isn’t about us who is it about?  It is all about self.  People are not really concerned about you they just care about themselves.  It’s all about them.

How many times have you had someone do something for you because they thought you were special?  My guess is that the number is very low.  Sometimes we wish our Father’s or Mother’s a Happy Father’s Day or Mother’s Day but for the most part we miss the boat.

Hey, I am preaching to myself too.  I fail in this area so don’t beat yourself up.  We all fail to do more for others.  Some do it just because it is expected of them and others find it hard to do anything special for others.

Hey, my sister and my brothers haven’t gotten a birthday card from me.  I am a real zero because I have failed them.  I love them dearly but the truth is it isn’t about them it is about me.  Do you see what I am saying?  We are selfish and self-centered.  My sister and brothers are blessed if they get a Facebook birthday greeting.  That is really bad but we have gotten so busy and involved in our personal lives we have failed in these other area.

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